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A beautiful smile has the ability to light up a room. Brimming with confidence, it can capture the eyes and hearts of anyone. At Ascend dental studio  & Implants, we understand the dramatic, positive effect a smile can have. 

It is with this understanding that we work with renowned labs to create custom dental veneers, crowns, onlays, inlays, and bridges to enhance the health, functionality and brilliance of your natural teeth.

At Ascend dental studio & Implants, we do all that we can to help improve the smile of our patients. We use artificial materials, such as porcelain, in order to make teeth look more uniform. In most cases, your teeth can be covered with artificial materials, but in some cases, they may need to be fully removed and replaced with artificial teeth. 

Our Dental Office Offers:

Cosmetic dentistry has become more and more popular within the last few years. Although it will not improve the function of your teeth, it will improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile. At 3 Stone Dentistry & Implants, we help our patients feel more confident about their smile through a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Veneers – Perfect for covering disfigured or stained teeth, veneers are permanent, paper-thin porcelain and ceramic covers that fit over your natural teeth. We manufacture dental veneers to match the exact shade of your teeth, and all of our veneers are bacteria and stain-resistant.

Crowns – Crowns are generally placed after root canal therapy or after the removal of tooth decay. 

Inlays/Onlays – Invisible to the eye, our onlays and inlays replace traditional amalgam fillings, which are unhealthy to your body and unpleasant to look at.

Bridges – Our bridges are almost impossible to spot; their natural look will restore symmetry and add a sparkle to your smile in lieu of a missing tooth.

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